Yeaayyy...1st term holiday starts tomorrow...

Our activities for the last day before school holiday were aerobics and Pertandingan Sehari Mari Bercerita.
Most of our pupils did their best for the competition. However, practices should be done regularly so that they can perform better. Those kids holding their gifts are the winners, from PRA to Year 6.
Teachers, please do your best in equipping our kids with the proper communication skills especially in story telling. Practise this in your teaching especially during Labi Literacy Hour.
We want our kids to have good exposures in expressing their ideas and themselves creatively.
Special thanks to Cikgu Yati and Cikgu Ade for their hard work in guiding our pupils during Saringan Peraduan Mari Bercerita at Perpustakaan Pandan, KB.
Alhamdulilah..SR Labi recorded history when Md Hafy Faiz succeeded to be chosen as one of the ten competitors for the District round which will be held 11 April 2009 at SR Panaga. Congratulations teachers :))


Farewell Pehin..See you again in the future :)

Refreshments frm Marsya...

Flood in Peace...

ICT room needs total bodywork...

Library needs a facelift..

Year 4, Making Music with panpipes...


Labi Literacy Room

Visit from YB Pehin Menteri

Sorry, it has been a while..been busy, been caught up with work...but there will always be fun at the end of the day...
There are no words to describe how hardwork and commitment are being paid but to see the smiles and laughters from our YB during the visit are more than enough.
This visit has given us more motivation to work smarter, be more motivated and proactive to be educators and leaders in the school.

Thank you YB for your undying support.

Sincerely thanks to PPKD, Belait who has been there all the way to give guidance and boost more confidence to us in delivering what we have been working on hard for our school so far.