Mother's in action...

Ketulusan Hati n Mama I Love You..

Joyful events...

Happy Mother's Day..Ibuku Permata Hatiku...

Asalamualaikum..as the teachers are busy with the workshops..we still ve time to pause and celebrate our mothers for the Mother's Day Celebration. We did it early on the 7th of May because Cikgu Juliati our GKA will fly off to Singapore on the 9th for attending the MOE course for 3 weeks.
We organized it at the Dewan Kemasyarakatan Mukim Labi n our guest of honour is Cikgu Hjh Masnah Karia, Pengerusi JAPSER, Daerah Belait. A lot of GBS and PGBS especially the 'mothers' came to the 1st ever Mother's Day Celebration Event for SR Labi. Penghulu, Ketua Kampong and Ketua Rumah Panjang also came to celebrate the occasion.
The event started off with a Poem read by Faiz and speeches from our Pengerusi and GOH. Then, it went on with a Mother's Day stage performance competition for the classes of Pra till Yr 6. After that, we played games for the mothers of SR Labi pupils to participate and win.
We also highlighted the event with giving awards to Ibu Tertua ( 84 years old - Mukim Labi ) Dayang Arpah Abd Rahman, Ibu Tunggal Dyg Sapah Hj Taras dan Ibu Cemerlang Dyg Saripah Md Tahir. The rest of the event was giving out the certs and prizes to the winning participants and souvenir for our GOH. Finally, all of the 92 pupils sang a very touching song "Ketulusan Hati" n "Mama, I Love You" which made a lot of mothers cried and the teachers too :) The pupils gave roses to their mothers with hugs and kisses.
Overall, it was a success with minor hiccups here and there..Teachers, thank you for ur hardwork and dedication and above all, thank you for the bday cake :)


Projek Warisan Budaya 2009

Thank you to Cikgu Lan, Cikgu Ermi, Cikgu Ade, Cikgu Yati, Cikgu Juliati and Cikgu Hjh Zuriena for working extra hours ( handling the prizes and taking care of the kids ) for Projek Warisan Budaya 2009 held at SR Sungai Liang last Sunday.
It was a tiring day however, it was fun and exciting as always. Our kids..Hasrin, Faiz, Alex, Hafizul and Syawal had given a very entertaining presentation of story telling. I still remember what Faiz said in summing up his story..' Walaupun sudah menjadi cikgu, janganlah bersikap tamak...' hehe pintar ani...They are not only exposed to the traditional musical instruments of Brunei but also had the chance to play the traditional Brunei indoor games.
Congratulations to the committees of the event.


P4C..Philosophy for Children..

I really had fun in my conference today. It was really an eye opener for me as an educator, as a school leader in my case. We were given a talk about the new proposed curriculum for the UK by Mick Waters. I am happy to say that ours are moving towards the same direction. That really boosts my confidence to deliver more for the demands of SPN21.
What really stays with me, is the new pedagogy which is P4C introduced by Matt Blyton, teaching philosophy for children. One of the learning areas proposed by SPN21 is the ability of our pupils to possess the skills of critical thinking. Therefore, our challenge is to give endless opportunities for the kids to be more expressive and articulative in areas that they are concern with, particularly in philosophical matters. This is new. This is a good change. Not only we are teaching the kids to be more confident in sharing their views, but we are also nurturing them to have good values and attitudes. They are our future. We need to equip them with what we call as 'Pendidikan Kalbu'. To be able to think critically and creatively for the benefits of the development of our country. This is one of the strategies in shaping them to be responsible citizens in the future. I will share this with the rest of my colleagues and see what we can do in spreading the knowledge gained to the other teachers.
There is a picture of me with Kathy, the Headteacher of Panaga Hornbill School. This conference has opened a new form of networking between us. Kathy and her staffs are very interested to visit the schools in the rural areas and of course we will welcome them..:)
Thank you JSS officers for giving me the chance to have new experiences and knowledge from this conference.