Projek Warisan Budaya 2009

Thank you to Cikgu Lan, Cikgu Ermi, Cikgu Ade, Cikgu Yati, Cikgu Juliati and Cikgu Hjh Zuriena for working extra hours ( handling the prizes and taking care of the kids ) for Projek Warisan Budaya 2009 held at SR Sungai Liang last Sunday.
It was a tiring day however, it was fun and exciting as always. Our kids..Hasrin, Faiz, Alex, Hafizul and Syawal had given a very entertaining presentation of story telling. I still remember what Faiz said in summing up his story..' Walaupun sudah menjadi cikgu, janganlah bersikap tamak...' hehe pintar ani...They are not only exposed to the traditional musical instruments of Brunei but also had the chance to play the traditional Brunei indoor games.
Congratulations to the committees of the event.